2023 Big Book of Travel Data SKU: 236536

This annual publication, in its 2nd year of publication, provides a world of industry data for airlines, hotel groups, car rental companies, and online travel agencies, and is collated by alphabetical order, size, region, and more. Airline results are presented by airline type (high performing LCCs, low cost carriers, traditional airlines, US major airlines), global alliance, and regions.

The hotel section of the Big Book presents a unique approach to industry metrics with estimated room revenue for the individual brands of 10 hotel groups. This information is not directly disclosed by hotel groups, but IdeaWorksCompany has calculated it using average room revenue (RevPAR) and global room count statistics.

The Big Book relies upon a number of sources and methods to determine the results for each company. Most often this consisted of financial documents at company websites, while for others the sources include press releases, and industry articles. The Big Book of Travel Data is released on an annual basis.


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