Ancillary Revenue Guide - 2008 SKU: 222227

The best single source of information and intelligence on ancillary revenue.  The report was issued February 2008 and is based upon financial disclosures made by carriers during the 2006 and 2007 fiscal or financial calendar years.  


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The original 2008 Ancillary Revenue Guide. This 147-page groundbreaking publication by IdeaWorksCompany is the most comprehensive source of airline ancillary revenue information up to mid-2008.
Description of Contents:
  • The Handbook of the Ancillary Revenue Movement
  • Analysis of Worldwide Airline Activity with Latest Statistics
  • Best Practices: Ryanair, Allegiant, JetStar, Air Canada, SkyEurope, Kulula, and Delta.
  • Executive Interviews
  • Vendor Guide