2016 Airline Ancillary Revenue and Loyalty Guide SKU: 127740

The best single resource in your quest for revenue success.  The latest Guide from IdeaWorksCompany!  Issued March 2016.


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Throughout 2015, we assessed the top ancillary revenue producing airlines and the most generous frequent flier programs, and issued reports that described the industry’s service innovation and product development; as well as offering practical advice for airline executives.  The culmination of this work is the 2016 Airline Ancillary Revenue and Loyalty Guide. The 250-page Guide includes every published report and survey issued by IdeaWorksCompany during the year and is comprised of four sections: 1) an abbreviated version of the Worldwide Report of Reward Availability from 2015, 2) a “best of” collection of four research papers from IdeaWorksCompany, 3) the complete Worldwide Report of Ancillary Revenue based upon 2014 airline financial disclosures, and 4) detailed results from the 2015 Switchfly Hotel Reward Payback Survey.